Msp Cheats!

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Hey guys! I’ve been looking around for some cheats and found some really cool ones that I usually use! Check them out, they really help! I got a lot more fame and star coins by using these..

Ways to level up!

1: Make a lot of movies. The way to level up is to make a movie, and then you can get your friends to watch it and rate it or do it yourself, or you can make a lot of accounts and do it.

2: Invite friends. Send them an email, or make another email and send it to yourself. Get them to play it and you will get a lot of fame. (this is one I always use)

3. Give and get a lot of autos. If your a VIP and your friends are VIP they can send you more autos and get more fame!

4. Try to get highscores on games. That gives you alot of fame!

5. Get people to ‘love’ your looks and if possible, even buy them!

6. Make movies and tell everyone about it. Remember, the longer it is, the more fame and coins you get when people watch it! (Tip! Be sure to include all your friends in the movie. When they watch a movie they’re in you get even more fame! Ask your friends if they can include you in a movie too. You also get fame!)

7.  Play the mini games in the chat rooms.

8. Complete a task at your award frame! You get tons of fame! If your a VIP, you even get a sticker!

19. Get recycle points! Recylce your old items that you don’t need anymore, and you get a lot of fame for every prize you get! (every 100 points = 1 prize!)

Now how to earn star coins! (some of these are cheats! ^.^)

1. Watch a movie and then rate it. While your rating it, press the spacebar at the same time really quickly. The quicker you press the spacebar, the more star coins you get! Try it, it works!

2: Log into your account. Then, wait a few minutes and then log back in. You’ll get star coins.

3: Go to high scores, then press pets. Go to someone’s house and pet their pets. You’ll get some star coins!

4: Watch a movie, and then rate it. Comment, but do not press ok! Instead, you press enter on your keyboard, and keep on commenting. Your star coins will go up!

-Alyssa ❤

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