Month: October 2013

New Contest!!!!!! :3

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New Msp Contest!!

Msp Bunnies is excited to announce that we are hosting a contest!

The person who makes the best movie starring me and Jeanette *purplepandacool and jeanetteglamour wins awesome prizes! The movies have to be on Msp and MUST star me and Jeanette!! To send the movie to us just title the movie *for msp bunnies Btw the movie could be about ANYTHING! Use your imagination! 

You have to add us!!! *purplepandacool and jeanetteglamour 


1st place: 4 wishys, 20 autographs, and a greet!

2nd place: 1 wishy. and 10 autographs

3rd place: 5 autographs 

To enter, just message us on our blog


message purplepandacool or jeanetteglamour on movie star planet 

Contest open until November 10, 2013

Hand in your movies! 


Good luck! Everyone is free to enter! 

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Another weird thing on Movie star planet..

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I made a back up account on movie star planet, and shes not a vip. Well everyone knows that theres 60 minutes in a hour, right? When I tried to give Jeanette an autograph it said I needed to wait another 300 minutes??? Image

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Funny glitch on Movie Star Planet

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Okay, so I was chatting with Jeanette and me and Jen sended a message at the same time and this happened: Image

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Over 100 views!! :DDDD

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Omg!! Msp Bunnies blog has got over 100 views in a month!! OMG!! You guys rule! 

Random picture of meImage


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