About the owners!

Hi there 🙂   Welcome to Msp Bunnies! On this blog we will be talking about the latest trends in Msp and cheats! Ok so… no swearing, please? Only mild swearing if you really want to.. Please be kind to everybody… those are rules for our awesome xat chat. If you want to look at it, go to the sidebar and scroll all the way to the bottom where it says msp bunnies ❤ have fun!

Main owners: I’m Alyssa!! I’m purplepandacool on Msp and Alyssa in real life…. I’m a weird person and kinda crazy! I love Msp and bunnies! They are so cute! ❤ I’m also kinda random.. lol! I’m usually pretty happy and just Playing It Cool but I can sorta be a diva..lol… My favourite movies are the Hunger Games, and I heard there is a new one coming out soon! I also like Harry Potter, and Twilight. My hobbies are blogging, playing tennis, swimming, some other sports like that! I also love going onto Msp. And bunnies!! ❤
Main owners: Hey I’m Jeanette! I’m jeanetteglamour on msp but I don’t play a lot so I’m only on level 2. I’m pretty much like Alyssa, ramdom, happy, bubbly, you know fashionista. One of my fav sports is volleyball and swimming along with other sports like Riley. I have another if you would like the to check out on wordpress:http://emoboysjeanette.wordpress.com. It’s about crazy random stufff that’s funny, you might like it. Go check out my Tumblr as well: jeanetteglamour.tumblr.com You can follow,reblog and like my things and I would like that a lot! 😀

-Alyssa and Jeanette main owners of Msp Bunnies


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