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Another weird thing on Movie star planet..

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I made a back up account on movie star planet, and shes not a vip. Well everyone knows that theres 60 minutes in a hour, right? When I tried to give Jeanette an autograph it said I needed to wait another 300 minutes??? Image

-Msp Bunnies


Funny glitch on Movie Star Planet

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Okay, so I was chatting with Jeanette and me and Jen sended a message at the same time and this happened: Image

-Msp Bunnies 

Over 100 views!! :DDDD

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Omg!! Msp Bunnies blog has got over 100 views in a month!! OMG!! You guys rule! 

Random picture of meImage


-Msp Bunnies 

New member! <3

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Yay!!! We are going to have a new addition to the Msp Bunnys Family! <3! Her name is Alice, and her username is Go Ask Alice808 on Movie Star Planet. She is the best girl ever! She is totally awesome and shes going to start posting posts with us! Aren’t you guys excited? ❤ ❤ Alice has her own blog too, its called Three Retarded Random Unicorns. Its not about Movie Star Planet, but about random stuff. Its super funny.. Anyways shes going to make this Movie Star Planet Blog even better! 

-Msp Bunnies ❤Image

I got banned.. :(

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So today I went and made a new account called No name Person. I went and said “I’m gonna hack you” to a bunch of people for fun, so the next time I went on to give my main account an autograph, this is what happened:


ImageYep… so just see if you guys wanted to see that.. lol never say im gonna ban you on movie star planet…. 🙂 

Hey Bunnies!

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Alright! We will be having a new addition to mine and Alyssa’s blog!!!!!!!Are you excited!!!?! Well her name is Alice and she wants to be in the blog! We’ll have more info on her later and she might post things soon!

Love ya!
~Jeanette and Alyssa!