Merry Christmas!

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In case you were wondering… many viewers on this blog are from many different countries.. well of course Movie Star Planet has different countries playing it. I am on Moviestarplanet Canada. I have an account on USA, but its on level 1.. xD 


So.. if anyone was wondering how I levelled up so fast.. (I went from level 8 to 9 in a week, and I only play 3 times a week 😛 ) 

Get the Movie Star Planet app!!! Play the game On Location, it really helped me level up. All you do is swipe to get different outfits. One swipe = 1 fame. That is A LOT.. 

There is another good thing! When you first log on the app, you get FREE CLOTHING!!! Also, many people were having problems logging in. Look at the map on the top when you log in. You can change the country to the one you play on.

– Alyssa 

Add me! I’m purplepandacool


LEVEL 9 😀 




Over 100 views!! :DDDD

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Omg!! Msp Bunnies blog has got over 100 views in a month!! OMG!! You guys rule! 

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-Msp Bunnies 

Hey Bunnies!

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Alright! We will be having a new addition to mine and Alyssa’s blog!!!!!!!Are you excited!!!?! Well her name is Alice and she wants to be in the blog! We’ll have more info on her later and she might post things soon!

Love ya!
~Jeanette and Alyssa!


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Hey moviestars!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to say that you should add me: jeanetteglamour and Alyssa: purplepandacool .Like our rooms and rate our movies 5 stars. After you do that, tell us in the comments and we’ll give you lots and lots of autos! If you advirtise our blog we’ll give you an auto and a wishy!

I hope you have a fun time playing and I’ll see you later my moviestars! :3

& Alyssa!

Pump Planet!

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Hey guys! Alyssa here. Anyways, Pumpchkin (highest lvl msp player) has made a new website for her Pump Supporters, (her supporters)  It’s called Pump Planet! Its logo looks exactly likes Movie star planets. Many people were upset about the 

Imageopening of Pump Planet, because it is copying MSP. Don’t call me a hater, cause I’m not but I have to admit it is a little weird…. So anyways Pump Planet did open for a little while, but then got closed because of copywrite or something. Now it has been turned into a website filled with free games.  It was also said that Pumpchkin was advertising her new website by paying people to write Pump Planet. ??? Well, at least it has been closed down and MSP is normal again… 

-Msp Bunnies